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"10 Ways to Break Destructive Relationship Patterns"

My Approach to Counselling

Philosophy of Counselling

Since my clients are unique individuals I develop a specialized approach for each one. My focus is on listening to your specific concerns and what you want from therapy and your life as a whole.

Although I am experienced in relationship counselling and eating disorders counselling, you are always the expert on your feelings, needs and desires. I will provide my professional expertise, bring clarity and insight into what you are going through and then support you to decide what you want to focus on at a pace that is comfortable to you.

A metaphor I often use with my counselling clients is that of being on a road trip together. As a client you are the one driving the car and I am the navigator – you’re in charge and I have the map to help get you to where you want to go. I am your guide and support system as you work towards becoming stronger in your self, developing better relationships, and having a more fulfilling life.

A Step-by-Step Counselling Process

My approach to counselling:

My counselling style is founded on a variety of models. Two major counselling approaches that I have incorporated into my practice are Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy. I have found both of these methods to be extremely effective in helping people make improvements in their lives.

Working holistically, I use a blend of these two theories and techniques to help you with your emotions, thoughts and actions. Once you make changes in one of these areas, you will find that improvements occur in the others as well. We’ll move back and forth between your feelings, thoughts and behavior to help you heal. You’ll let go of past wounds and create the kind of life that you want.

Much of our work together focuses on helping you feel less anxious and more secure in yourself. It is only when you are feeling stronger that you can truly create the kind of life and relationships that fulfill you.

To put it simply:  when insecure, you cope; when secure, you thrive!

To that end, my goal is to help you achieve your fullest potential because I believe you can –anybody can– if they want to.

In couples counselling I look at the cycles and dynamics at the root of your relationship and work with you to reshape your interactions with each other. By encouraging increased self-awareness and self-esteem, I help you gain greater empathy for yourself and your partner. Once you are feeling more positive, change can more easily occur.

When working with disordered eating I work with you to get at the root of what is causing your unhealthy relationship with food. While I focus on the physical impact food is having on your body and what happens within your body as you diet, binge, purge or restrict, I also go deeper into the emotions and thoughts that are fueling your disordered eating so that you can heal them.

A focus on self-care:

I make sure you are taking care of yourself in each session. If you are neglecting any aspect of your life, we’ll make a point to discuss this so you can take better care of yourself. In order to be happy in your life, it’s essential that you nurture yourself.

I go the extra mile with you:

Most of our counselling work will occur in my therapy office. However, if you need extra support between sessions, have an emergency or have to travel, I’ll make myself available to you via phone and email. I want to support you as much as possible so that you can succeed as quickly as you can.

The first stages of counselling:

In the early stages of therapy I will work on establishing safety and trust with you so that you are more comfortable in revealing your struggles with me. This also helps me get a good understanding of what your problem is and when it started. I’ll help you reduce your anxiety and instill hope that things can get better. We’ll talk about what you want to achieve from therapy and help you get clear on what you want from your life. We’ll also start working on a self-care plan to ensure you are taking care of yourself in between counselling sessions.

The middle stages of counselling:

Once we have established some rapport and are clear about your concerns and what you want to get out of counselling, we’ll start working on a deeper level of your problems, emotions and challenges. We’ll look at what you need to do to make positive changes in your life and help you build a stronger sense of yourself. Once you feel more hope and confidence, you’ll feel more optimistic and motivated to change. You’ll feel inspired and ready to take the steps needed to get to where you want to be.

The ending phase of counselling:

The length of counselling varies depending on your needs. Over time, you’ll start noticing that you feel better and you’ll start to incorporate the work you are doing in our counselling sessions into who you are outside of our sessions. You’ll notice that you are implementing the techniques and strategies into your daily living.

Once you feel that you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself and are feeling happier and more at peace, we can wind down our work together.

I am committed to working with you effectively and efficiently to create the long-term emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes that you need, want and desire.

Whether you want relationship therapy, couples counselling, or help with disordered eating, I can help.

Contact me now for a free phone consultation. Together, we can explore how we might work together.

Sign up for my Email List and Receive Your Free Booklet:
"10 Tips to Overcome Disordered Eating"
Sign up for my Email List and Receive Your Free Booklet:
"10 Ways to Break Destructive Relationship Patterns"