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As I was lying on the couch with Matt earlier, watching our 3rd episode of Killing Eve, I reflected on how nice it was to waste time with him. The reality is that both of us, me in particular, live very busy lives and we don’t often get to just do nothing together. Typically our… Read more

Every once in awhile you come across an article that just makes you want to scream “Finally!!!!” This past week I was so fortunate to come across such an article. Posted in the New York Times, Jessica Knoll writes about how so many of us are falling for every latest diet crazy, the impact it… Read more

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there! I was flipping through the John Gottman Facebook page today and saw this post called “Letter To My Anxiety.” As someone who has struggled on and off with significant bouts of anxiety in my life, it peaked my interest. What is this person going to say… Read more

My mom sent me this blog post this week and mentioned it may be a helpful blog topic for my readers. Sometimes when mom sends me ideas they are great articles but don’t really fit my readers, this one, however, I think is bang on. The article she sent was basically about the effects of… Read more

People typically come see me because something isn’t working in their life. It could be due to their relationship with themselves or their relationship with others but one thing that has been popping up a lot in my office as of late is the role avoidance is playing in their life. There are so many… Read more

I am sorry this post is coming late this week, truth be told I kept telling myself to sit down and write but then I’d get busy tackling something and it would slip my mind again! Oh the joys of being human. This week I read an article in the Globe and Mail that was… Read more

Have you ever had one of those nights where you stayed up later than you wanted, or just couldn’t fall asleep, or for those of you that have kids, was up every 3 hours because your precious little one was completely out of sorts? Sleep exhaustion is even worse than a hangover if you ask… Read more

Before I start this blog I do want to give you all a heads up that this article attached here could be triggering for some people. A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail posted an article about the problem with the term “Clean Eating” and I genuinely feel it hits the nail on the… Read more

One of my best friends just messaged me this morning from Toronto. She went out with her 1 year old to go visit her husband who is currently working out there on a project. In her message to me this morning she expressed all these things that were making her feel so happy, even something… Read more

I feel like Binge Eating Disorder is only just starting to get the recognition it deserves in the eating disorder world. For so long, the only disorders that have been addressed or acknowledged have been Anorexia, Bulimia and OSFED which has left this entire population even more isolated and their suffering often dismissed as self-imposed… Read more