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To The Mothers In Our Lives

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers, Mothers to be, and those who are longing to become Mothers. And to those of you in pain or grief today, my heart is with yours. 

Today is an interesting day. Of course it can be perceived as a Hallmark holiday that many feel obligated to celebrate; one where cards are written, flowers purchased and recognition given. And in lots of ways, that is important. Not the gift giving, but the acknowledgment that the role of Mother is a big one. I also know the role of Mother can be complicated and even painful for many, making today a day that gets filled with questions and attachment pain. If you have a mom that you feel close to, and you want to celebrate that then please do. But I also think on days like today, it can be helpful to recognize how Mothers come in so many different forms. As someone who is close to her mom, I still recognize that in looking back on my life I have had other people who have mothered me through different chapters in ways that have undeniably changed my life for the better. To mother something is to nurture and care for it and it is often in reflection that we can see how the love someone has given us has protected us and helped us grow. Who in your life has done that for you? Remember this doesn’t just have to exist in the human world. If I was to ask some of the people and clients in my life who would fit that description, many of them would identify a pet. Being loved, cared for and supported to grow is an experience that is fundamental to our wellbeing, in many ways, even more so than ensuring our physical needs are fully met. This year has left so many of us robbed of the connections we have and need to feel our best. Arguably, everybody’s hearts are aching in different ways and thriving has been challenging if not impossible. But we do still have the capacity to reflect, with gratitude for the people in our lives who have or do make our lives a little easier, who care for us in ways we need and who show up, even virtually, to let us know we are loved. Our brains thrive off of gratitude and practicing it intentionally has the capacity to make us feel good from the inside out. If you’re able to, use today as an opportunity to share with those individuals just how important their love has been to you. Give yourself permission to dig a little deeper and reflect on the “Mothers” you may have had over your lifetime and celebrate them for loving you and seeing you in all the ways you needed. Here is to the Mothers of the world. 

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