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Relationships and Couples Therapy

Couples / Marriage Counselling

Relationship Counselling for Singles 


Has Your Relationship Gone Sour?

Couples Counselling Can Bring the Joy Back into Your Love Life.

If you are wondering if couples /marriage counselling can help save your relationship, you’ve come to the right place.

Couples therapy can be the key to turning your relationship around, if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • You argue too much; you don’t seem to resolve things. Poor or destructive communication continues to damage your relationship each and every day.
  • You’re exhausted by the turmoil; you can’t continue this way any longer. You’ve been hoping things would change, but it only seems to get worse.
  • You rarely feel connected to one another; affection, closeness and sex are rare or unsatisfying. You either don’t feel safe to reach out to your partner, or you don’t feel loving towards him or her.
  • You feel lonely; you are almost lonelier now than if you were on your own. The feeling of emptiness is gnawing at you, but you don’t know what to do about it.
  • You feel hopeless; you’re worried your relationship is doomed to fail. You want to save your relationship, but you know you need the expertise of a couples therapist.

Marriage counselling can bring new life into your relationship.

It doesn’t matter how much conflict or discord exists in your relationship, there is always hope. It’s possible to heal your relationship. It’s possible to bring the love back and start enjoying each other again., Millions of couples have been helped by a marriage or couples therapist. Now you can be one of these couples. You can have a fulfilling relationship like the one you long for.

What You Can Achieve Through Couples / Marriage Therapy

  • Resolve those awful conflicts and heal past wounds.
  • Communicate respectfully with love so you both feel heard.
  • Increase emotional and physical intimacy – experience more positive feelings for each other, more affection and more satisfying sex.
  • Become closer than you have ever been.
  • Laugh more and enjoy each other’s company.

The effectiveness of marriage counselling has improved dramatically over the years. New leading edge methods such as the one I use called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) has shown that 90% of couples show significant improvement after therapy. Couples counselling helps you gain greater empathy for yourself and your partner. This increased understanding of one another can then help reshape your interactions, allowing you to communicate more positively.

Are you ready to get started?

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Tired of Relationship Heartache? 

Relationship Counselling Heals Past Wounds Allowing You to Open Up to Love Again.

If you are tired of repeating relationship patterns that keep on hurting you, I can help.
If you resonate with some of the scenarios below, you are an ideal candidate for relationship therapy:

  • Relationships never seem to work out for you. Something always goes wrong and you’re tired of it.
  • You often feel hurt and unhappy in relationships. Anxiety and pain are like constant companions.
  • You unintentionally sabotage your relationships. You are doing something that damages your relationships, but you can’t seem to help it.
  • You sacrifice your needs for the sake of the relationship. You give too much in your relationships and end up feeling depleted and resentful.
  • You don’t feel worthy of a healthy relationship. You feel unlovable. A healthy relationship with a loving partner just doesn’t seem possible.
  • You long for a fulfilling relationship, but fear you will make the same mistakes as you have in the past. You are afraid to open yourself up and be vulnerable.

Relationship counselling can give you a renewed faith in yourself and your relationship future.

Through relationship counselling you can move beyond hurtful relationship patterns. You can overcome past problems, deepen your connection to yourself and feel alive, attractive, and worthy of love. Your hope can be restored. You can have a more satisfying relationship than you ever could have imagined. People from all walks of life have turned a negative relationship past into a positive one…and you can too.

What You Can Achieve Through Relationship Therapy

  • Heal past wounds and feel more secure and worthy of love.
  • Feel safer and more open to receive love.
  • Determine what you need and want in a relationship.
  • Discover how to communicate effectively and ask for what you need.
  • Feel more fulfilled and happier than you ever have before — with or without a relationship.

As your relationship therapist, I’ll support and guide you through any dark parts of your past so that you can have lighter, more positive relationships. Therapy can also help you grow as an individual so that you are stronger and happier. You’ll feel more confident in yourself. This will help ensure you choose the best relationship for yourself in the future.

Are you ready to move forward?

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"10 Ways to Break Destructive Relationship Patterns"