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As a therapist, I strongly believe in doing my own work. I know that while I often have a lot of information in my head around best practice, it doesn’t always mean I implement it well in my own life. It is much easier, it seems, to support and encourage healthy behaviors when you yourself… Read more

Vienna Pharoan is a relationship guru, I am certain. If you don’t know of her, look up mindfulmft and you will find some truly brilliant nuggets that will genuinely get you thinking about your relationship to self and your partner. She sent out a newsletter a week or so ago, all about how to be… Read more

I was in session yesterday and my client and I were talking about the role that food plays in her life. As an eating disorder and relationship therapist, the two worlds often overlap and I see how pain in one area can often cause pain in another. She made the point that being single often… Read more

Do you remember when Covid first hit and, when the anxiety didn’t feel too overwhelming, the experience actually felt like an exhale? Time seemed to slow down, we had more space to take care of ourselves and to attend to the things that matter most to us, like our loved ones and some long lost… Read more

I was working a lot this past week with individuals in relationships and many of them were facing the same things. Feeling stuck in the same problem over and over again and finding it really hard to be completely honest with their partner about how they were feeling. It never fails to amaze how me… Read more

I have sat down to write this blog every night for the past 5 nights and keep staring at an empty page. It feels impossible to try to find the words to address something so significant especially as someone with white privilege. But I also acknowledge that saying nothing is a lot worse than saying… Read more

Do you find it impossible to not jump straight into problem solving anytime your partner is struggling? Do you feel like offering advice is your strong suit and so you provide solutions before your partner has even finished his/her sentence? This is one of the most common things that happens in relationships. Someone expresses pain… Read more

How are you holding up? This social distancing is starting to become much more impactful than it was in the first few weeks. I am not sure what your experience was, but for many people, myself included, the first few weeks felt like a bit of an exhale. Busy schedules were replaced with time at… Read more

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Mr. Rogers Before we begin I want to thank you for having me pop into your inbox today. I know there is a lot… Read more

As I was lying on the couch with Matt earlier, watching our 3rd episode of Killing Eve, I reflected on how nice it was to waste time with him. The reality is that both of us, me in particular, live very busy lives and we don’t often get to just do nothing together. Typically our… Read more