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People typically come see me because something isn’t working in their life. It could be due to their relationship with themselves or their relationship with others but one thing that has been popping up a lot in my office as of late is the role avoidance is playing in their life. There are so many… Read more

Have you ever had one of those nights where you stayed up later than you wanted, or just couldn’t fall asleep, or for those of you that have kids, was up every 3 hours because your precious little one was completely out of sorts? Sleep exhaustion is even worse than a hangover if you ask… Read more

One of my best friends just messaged me this morning from Toronto. She went out with her 1 year old to go visit her husband who is currently working out there on a project. In her message to me this morning she expressed all these things that were making her feel so happy, even something… Read more

One of my most favourite relationship Therapists, Vienna Pharoan, has just offered a free relationship training that will teach you, over 7 days, how to improve your communication, build better boundaries and deepen intimacy. She recently got married to her husband who is actually a local Vancouverite, and in celebration of their bond they have… Read more

Matt and I were lying in bed the other night talking about some things and then he got angry and told me I have to stop assuming things and then drawing conclusions from my own projections. To be honest, my first reaction was to be defensive, I  wanted to line up my army of defence… Read more

John Gottman really does post some of the best blogs! One of his biggest teachings is about the affects the 4 Horsemen Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling, have on relationships. The reason it is important to learn about the 4 Horsemen is because we all can get caught up in engaging in these behaviours when… Read more

So often I have people come into my office talking about how they felt they couldn’t say no to someone in their lives, whether that be a friend, boss, partner or their hairdresser. The common response is that doing so makes them feel guilty, they feel bad for setting a boundary on the off chance… Read more

In the work that I do as a therapist, whether it be relationship counselling or eating disorder counselling, family dynamics often play a role. People come in and share not only their history with their partners/families but also the present day patterns that leave them stuck. I am not going to dive into all of… Read more

The Globe and Mail released an article today all about online dating and how many people are starting to feel about it. The impacts of online dating are undeniable. On one hand, it gives people much greater access to people they would never otherwise meet but on the other, we have started treating people like… Read more

Often when couples come into my office, they are aware of some of the same fights that they find themselves in. They feel stuck and like they aren’t making any progress. When I ask them what they have done, they can often make a list of all the different things they have tried and/or the… Read more