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Holding Onto All The Good Things You Gained During Covid

Do you remember when Covid first hit and, when the anxiety didn’t feel too overwhelming, the experience actually felt like an exhale? Time seemed to slow down, we had more space to take care of ourselves and to attend to the things that matter most to us, like our loved ones and some long lost hobbies. It felt like for all we were losing we were also gaining parts of our life back that we had been disconnected from for so long. Then came the time when we were sick of doing nothing, our regular facetime calls started to get old and we were craving parts of our old life that we hadn’t had in awhile. It was like we finally had refilled our cup and were now ready to get back out into the world and do the many things that we have missed since the world turned upside down. 

AS we start to get more of our old life, I think it is important that you take the time to reflect on the pieces of your relationship with yourself and others that you feel you really gained from the lockdown. It can be so easy to rush back into what we are craving and lose sight of the pieces that made us feel better or more at peace. The pace we all keep often pushes us to levels that leave us feeling burnt out, exhausted, grumpy. While we can often find a lot of fulfillment in the things that fill our lives, I think it is important that we take some time to ask ourselves what genuinely fills us up versus the things that may be fun but leave us drained. 

For all the pain Covid has brought it also brought some important lessons. Learning to slow down and reassess what we really value are some of the bigger ones. I recommend you take the time to explore what has changed in your life over the past 4 months and which pieces of that you want to carry forward with intention. As the summer carries forward, check in with yourself and see how you’re balancing soaking having access to the things you missed, while still honoring the many things you gained.

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