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Answering Your Questions: Eating Disorder Vlog

When I am not in my private practice with clients, you will find me working for a wonderful non-profit called the Looking Glass Foundation located here in Vancouver. It is an incredible organization entirely focused on providing free support to individuals who are struggling with an eating disorder. Recently my colleague, Maja, asked our social media followers if there were any questions they had that they wanted me to answer. Instead of doing a blog, we put together the answers in a video blog. The questions that were asked were as follows:

Even though COVID-19 restrictions are easing up, my anxiety is still high. How can I manage my anxiety during this transition time?

As someone who struggles with binge-eating, I gained weight during the quarantine/self-isolation period during these last few months. Now that summer is close, I feel immense pressure to lose weight. I’d like to get back to a healthy weight without slipping into my ED behaviours. Please advise!

My sleep schedule is all messed up after the self-isolation COVID-19 period. Now that I am returning back to work, how can I get back to a regular sleep schedule?

How can I help a friend who is struggling with an eating disorder without coming off as insensitive?

My friend is pushing a vegan diet agenda and it is triggering my ED thoughts. How to I broach this topic with her in a kind way while also setting my own boundaries?

What are some tricks to help regain recovery motivation when you feel it slipping away?

Click this link here to watch the videos and find the answers! https://www.lookingglassbc.com/2020/06/Advice-By-Kaela-Vlog-2

If you would like me to do more Vlog’s like this and answer some of your questions, hit reply and let me know what you are curious about.

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