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Eating Disorders

Happy New Year! I always find this time of year really interesting because of how quickly the focus shifts from holiday celebrations to what we are going to change about ourselves in the upcoming year. With this past year being as overwhelming as it was, I think many people are hoping this year will prove… Read more

The holidays this year feel a lot different than normal. While many people have reported that the lack of holiday parties feels like a relief from a food perspective, it feels harder due to the increased isolation. The holidays are a time when we are used to connecting, feeling like a part of something, and… Read more

Wrapping up October with a focus on vulnerability feels fitting giving everything we as the world and as individuals are going through right now. It feels like this October is hitting harder than some from the past with trying to balance not just our usual struggles adjusting to colder and darker days, but also the… Read more

I had a client the other day say to me “My life isn’t propelling me towards recovery.” It was such an honest statement and yet not one that we often think of when we are on the recovery journey. If anything we think about how recovery will propel us towards life not the other way… Read more

In one of my sessions this week, my client raised a really common but really painful truth. She is struggling in the last few stages of recovery and admitted that if she is to recover she wants recovery to look a certain way. She said she only feels recovery will be okay if she can… Read more

Quite a few years back I wrote a blog about the different types of treatment you can receive when going through eating disorder recovery. Over the years I keep having people come back to that blog and comment that it was helpful to see an overview and what the pros and cons to each option… Read more

When I am not in my private practice with clients, you will find me working for a wonderful non-profit called the Looking Glass Foundation located here in Vancouver. It is an incredible organization entirely focused on providing free support to individuals who are struggling with an eating disorder. Recently my colleague, Maja, asked our social… Read more

I have sat down to write this blog every night for the past 5 nights and keep staring at an empty page. It feels impossible to try to find the words to address something so significant especially as someone with white privilege. But I also acknowledge that saying nothing is a lot worse than saying… Read more

This past week, the BC government revealed the very first stages of lifting the restrictions that have been in place for the past 2 months. Soon, it appears, people will be able to start seeing a few more people and reconnecting with their loved ones and some may be able to return to work. I… Read more

Hey, how are you holding up? If you are anything like most of the people I know, my guess is that you are starting to really feel this experience more deeply now than at the beginning. What once felt maybe even like a nice break from all the pressures to be certain places at certain… Read more