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Happy Easter! I posted this blog last week on my relationship page but want to share it here as well. This experience is so worth being a part of if you are interested. I need to take a step away from my usual blog this week to let you all know that Looking Glass Summer… Read More

I need to take a step away from my usual blog this week to let you all know that Looking Glass Summer Camp registration is open! This really is the highlight of my year, not just my professional year but my year as a whole. Each year I meet 24 amazing young women (between the… Read More

I am not entirely sure how to start this blog or how to describe this documentary. A client of mine told me I needed to watch it and, sadly, I delayed until recently under the excuse that I was busy. Little did I realize how impactful this movie would be on my understanding of myself… Read More

When couples come into my room, depending on the issue that is being brought forward, I will often ask them what their love story is. How did they meet? How did they know that they wanted a second, third, fortieth date? What was it about their partner that made them choose him or her? When… Read More

Every once in awhile I come across another person's recovery story that I think truly needs to be shared. Given I can't actually share my client's stories, I have decided this week to share a fellow therapist's story so you can understand some of the healthy and important steps you need to take to get… Read More

You know how in relationships we are often told we need to fight fairly? That, despite out frustrations we need to make sure we are always communicating as well as possible? You also know how in relationships sometimes the small things feel like the biggest thing and when you start to air your grievances, before… Read More

As a therapist, many people believe that the main area of focus in my work with clients would be on helping them understand and work through their emotions. This belief would be accurate. What causes the most grief, however, is trying to get people to understand the difference between feeling their emotions and thinking about… Read More

Sometimes I think the longer I work in eating disorders the more I continue to be surprised by just how complicated out relationship with food, and therefore ourselves, really can be. There are so many different roles food plays in our lives and different ways in which we relate to food. Often when someone struggles… Read More

Valentines Day is fast approaching and while I would love to believe that we all treat every day in our relationship like Valentines day, the reality of that is pretty slim. So I am here to give you a few ideas on how make the one day dedicated to our relationships a success. In doing… Read More

Sometimes as a therapist I think I can get ahead of myself. Having been privileged enough to witness many people’s journey to recovery, it can be easy for me to see the path to wellness easier then my clients can and sometimes I point out the steps they will take along the way thinking this… Read More