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People often think that when it comes to a relationship breaking down it is only the relationship that needs to be repaired. While this can often be the case I think it is important for each individual to step out and see how they are functioning in their lives independently. When we are struggling with… Read More

In Carolyn Costin’s Book “ 8 Keys to Recovery From An Eating Disorder” she talks about the different phases individuals go through when they are on their journey to recovery. As an Eating Disorder Therapist in Vancouver, I see people in all of these phases when I work with them. Understanding where we are at… Read More

I often have people ask me, through their tears, why they keep ending up with people who hurt them or why they keep choosing the same kind of person who inevitably leaves them brokenhearted. The real question you may need to ask yourself is why you keep picking people you know underneath aren’t healthy enough… Read More

School is a stressor for many people. Exams, papers, labs all can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. While I would like to say that there is a trick to having a stress-free year, the reality is that stress is a part of life and we have to learn how to deal with it in… Read More

In relationships I think we are always looking for ways that we can communicate more effectively, in good times but especially in hard times. Unfortunately, conflict is something that many of us struggle with which can cause us to react in ways that either add fuel to the fire or cause a relationship standoff. Many… Read More

Often I get asked if I can make any recommendations on a good book to read that is focused on recovery. There are a lot of great eating disorder books available, many of which are memoirs aimed at inspiring others to walk their own journey to wellness using the memoir as an example. I love… Read More

There are times in our relationships where we all just need to bite our tongues and not say what we are really thinking. This can actually help make a relationship healthier and improve your day-to-day interactions. There are times, however, when biting our tongue prevents our relationship from developing into what it has the potential… Read More

One of the most common issues when someone is struggling with an eating disorder is often self-enforced isolation. One of the most important pieces of recovery is letting others in so we can heal and move towards a healthy recovered life. So how do we bridge the gap between eating disorder driven isolation and recovery… Read More

One of the people I love to follow on social media is Vienna Pharoan of MindfulMFT. She is a couple’s therapist in New York and a lot of what she has to say really resonates with how I practice and what I believe when it comes to working with couples. She recently wrote a blog… Read More

I ran a Looking Glass training recently for the hand in hand program and in doing so gave some role plays of scenarios I have seen and worked with both in my practice and also in my personal life. In doing so I spoke of someone who has relapsed after many years free from her… Read More