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It is a sad fact that recovering from an eating disorder means having an ongoing battle with the eating disorder voice in your head on a daily basis. In time it lets up but during the beginning stages it usually has a lot to say about everything. It is important to take time to separate… Read More

I’m not sure about you but I know when my anxiety kicks into high gear, my thoughts tend to jump on board. When we get anxious, it usually causes our thoughts to race and go in circles. We start hyper-focusing on details and it can keep us up at night. When we are anxious because… Read More

I think a sad reality we all have to accept is that we live in a world where the body, dieting, fitness etc is a near constant conversation and focus. One of the things that is most difficult for people trying to recover is having to live in a world where they are constantly exposed… Read More

I was out recently with a girlfriend and we got to talking about relationships and the different things we see unfold whether that be in our own relationships or the relationships of those we love. One of the things she was recently facing was the all too common occurrence of a friend in a new relationship… Read More

This week someone I was talking to asked me this question: One of the things that seems so scary about recovery is I feel like I don’t know who I will be when I recover. When I think of that I get so overwhelmed by all the unknowns that it feels safer to retreat into… Read More

Bad Habits. We all have them, we typically hate to admit it, but we all have them. I know for myself there can be many moments in my sessions with my clients that I realize I am recommending they do something in their relationship for the health and wellbeing of the partnership that I myself… Read More

**Before I begin this blog I want to make it clear that an eating disorder often pushes its own values on a sufferer. These are not authentic core values but rather the values instilled by these destructive disorders. I got asked the other day what makes someone confident. How do I become more confident in my… Read More

How many times have we heard the saying opposites attract? Or had the friend who started dating the person who was the yin to her yang? I often have clients come into my practice who are struggling in a relationship because they feel like their partner is the polar opposite of them and they are… Read More

Many of the clients I work with who struggle with different eating disorders get caught up in the comparison game which significantly impacts their recovery journey. The more we look outward, the less we are looking inward at the work that needs to be done to move ourselves forward. Has comparing ourselves ever really lead… Read More

Often people feel really stuck when it comes to communicating in their relationship. How open should I be? Won’t my vulnerability make my partner run for the hills? What does it even mean to share how I am feeling? Another way that communication can fall short is not just how we share how we are… Read More