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Eating Disorders

I have so much compassion for individuals who struggle with eating disorders at any time of the year but my heart really goes out to them at this time when it feels like the whole world is triggering. A sad reality is that the world we live in has been highly impacted and controlled by… Read More

Happy Holidays! I just want to thank you for welcoming me into your lives over this past year and letting me be a part of your journey. I hope this holiday season brings you many moments of relaxation, peace and  joy. Try to be good to yourself and keep the focus on the things that… Read More

People often ask me how they can survive the holidays when they are struggling. I absolutely support that when food is the center of our activities that it can increase expectations and anxiety. I also know that in many ways, food needs to be the center of how we take care of ourselves when we… Read More

I must admit, I can’t quite believe that we are already just about in December. Where did this year go? I always find the holiday season one of my favorites, but I also know it’s a time that can be really difficult for people. Not only is this season busier than we often want (even… Read More

For people who struggle with disordered eating or an eating disorder the scale can often be used as a tool to determine how they feel about themselves. The numbers aren’t read as numbers, but rather as values of their worth. The reason this is so toxic is that for many people the scale determines who… Read More

Sometimes Instagram really is a place filled with so many beautiful things. Quotes are one of my favorite things to read and discover because they can get you thinking about things differently or help you feel understood in all of 15 words. I saw this quote by Atticus on Instagram this week and I thought… Read More

I hear this statement in my counselling office all the time “I spend a lot of my time in isolation because of my eating disorder. My goal for myself is to try to spend a bit more time with those I love but whenever I get asked I automatically want to say no. How can… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving! I had the joy of sneaking down to Florida for 3 days a few weeks ago to spend time with one of my oldest friends. We became friends when I was two and she was three and despite her moving to Florida when I was just eleven, we have managed to stay connected… Read More

I love writing about the different seasons because without a doubt we are impacted by them changing and the message each season seems to bring. Before I jump in to answer your question, I just want to acknowledge that it is really normal to feel overwhelmed by changes in the season and the message that… Read More

I read this great blog post by my colleague Maja who works with me at the Looking Glass Foundation. She spoke about the role of spontaneity in recovery and some simple (even if not always easy) ways you can incorporate it into your life to improve your overall wellbeing. Her article in particular focuses on… Read More