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40 Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentines Day is fast approaching and while I would love to believe that we all treat every day in our relationship like Valentines day, the reality of that is pretty slim. So I am here to give you a few ideas on how make the one day dedicated to our relationships a success. In doing some research, I found a list of 40 Date ideas for Valentines day. You can check it out here.

Valentines day, in my opinion, is important to celebrate because it is easy in our day to day life to not express or show just how important our significant other is to our lives. There are relationship advicemany ways in which our lives are made better, big and small, because of our partner. Spending time celebrating that is important. In fact, did you know that investing in your relationship has a greater positive impact on your health than going to the gym a few times a week? We often prioritize those things but can neglect making the same effort for those who mean most to us. So instead of letting the day pass, find something to do that fits both your lifestyle and your budget. It isn’t about needing to engage in all the hallmark traditions, but rather about making time to connect and be present with your partner.

Tell me, what are some of your favourite things to do on Valentines day? Do you have any traditions that you regularly take part in? hit reply to this email and let me know! If you’re stuck on ideas, check out the article I posted above.

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