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7 Surefire Behaviors That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Clinton Power really does write some excellent blog posts. Often I check his site for some of the most up to date information on couples and relationships and find his articles really valuable. You should check out his site here and see for yourself! Recently he wrote an article about 7 surefire behaviors that can destroy your relationships and I must say, more often than not, the couples I see in my office that are the most distressed come in engaging in at least some of these behaviors. The 7 behaviors are:

1. Destructive Communication

2.Unresolved Conflict

3. Lacking A Shared Vision

4. Avoiding Difficult Conversations

5. Withdrawing Touch and Affection

6. Threats To End The Relationship

7. Harming Your Partner In Public or Private

I really recommend you read the article because it breaks down each of these into greater depth. You can find it Here. The thing that I think is important to point out is that these things rarely start right from the get-go and often creep in slowly, making them less recognizable at times. In other words, these 7 behaviors are like death by a thousand cuts.

Do you find yourself doing any of these things in your relationship? If so, be sure to seek the support of a trained therapist so you can correct the pattern and celebrate the progression, not demise, of your relationship.

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