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A Way To Add More Joy To Your Mealtime

Sometimes when we are on our journey to recovery, whether that be from anorexia, bulimia or binge eating we get stuck eating the same foods time and time again. Food becomes, routinized which , in some ways,is good, but in others can leave us feeling disinterested. If we become disinterested in food then it challenges our ability to recovery. Food becomes a chore at best and a sufferance at worst. So while I know changing foods up can be incredibly scary at times, I also would recommend making alterations to what you eat daily in this one simple way.

If you have ever travelled – whether this just be 5 hours up the road or half way across the world, think of some of the foods you ate that brought you pleasure. Maybe it was fresh okanagan peaches grilled on the BBQ and served with ice cream on a hot summers day. Or maybe it was a beautiful cypress salad in Italy alongside some melon and prosciutto. Whatever it is try to incorporate it in on occasion. The reason being is that it transports you back to a happy time when food was associated with genuine joy and positivity. I think we all need a little more of that in our lives don’t you think?

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