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ED: A Story Told Through Pictures

I was on the internet the other day when I came across this blog of sorts. I haven’t finished reading the entire entry but I found the first part of it really valuable for two main reasons.

1)   For family members who have a hard time understanding what it is like for your loved one to go through an eating disorder, this gives a pretty thorough description. While not every person’s journey looks like this there are some overarching themes that I believe hold teating disorder help and recovery, supporting a loved one with aneating disorderrue for the majority. Sometimes when witnessing a loved one go through an eating disorder it is hard to know what is common and what to expect. Hopefully this will help fill in some blanks that they may not be able to answer themselves.

2)   For those who are in their own process of recovery this blogger shows the value of finding creative outlets that allow you to express yourself and your emotions. This particular person chose to draw and to find a release in art. It doesn’t have to be comics for you, but I do believe in finding ways to let go of all that we hold on to while going through recovery. It can be incredibly therapeutic to find a way of expressing yourself if and/or when talking is too hard.  I think sometimes all that we are going through can leave us feeling so overwhelmed that finding the words is just too hard. This is where finding your own outlet (that is healthy) can be so transformative in your recovery journey. Perhaps its drawing, or maybe its music, or dance, or gardening. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to lose yourself in it and let go of all that you are holding onto.

There comes a part in this comic where she transitions more into her journey with depression and anxiety but then links back to her eating disorder. While this won’t apply to all it will apple to some. You can choose to keep reading or to stop when you have had enough.

I hope you find it interesting, or that if nothing else it makes you feel less alone and more compassionate towards yourself.

Before clicking, please know that some of the drawings contain nudity (she draws pictures of what she feels her body looks like naked). If you are uncomfortable with this then please don’t click below.

Click Here

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Also, do you have any particular outlets that you find are helping you on your recovery journey? Share them below so others can learn from you!

Wishing you well,

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