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How Your Ego Is Destroying Your Relationships Without You Even Knowing It

You know those moments when you read an article and things just seem to make a lot of sense? I had this week when I was reading an article on Mind Body Green about how we can sabotage our relationships in this tricky unforeseen way. Ego plays a big role in our lives in so many unconscious ways but when it starts acting up in our relationships it can do a lot of damage. This article speaks to how when we don’t view ourselves as good enough we can project those feelings onto our partners and tell ourselves how what we see as not good wholehearted relationshipsenough in ourselves is actually not good enough in our partners. If you do this there is no better time to start doing some of your own work so that you not only can view yourself as worthy and deserving of love but you also stop hurting those you are involved with. The three points at the end of the article I agree with. I also feel for some more work may need to be done to really get to know the skeletons in your closet. The first step is to really get to recognize if you have a pattern and if when looking at your relationships you realize you keep making decisions that end up hurting you. Learning to love wholeheartedly and without fear takes more courage than just about any other thing you could do in your life, but it will also be the decision that leaves you living a life filled with happiness instead of spending your life trying to find it.

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  • Mo Jones January 20, 2019, 3:29 am

    I think you’ve got to find happiness without/before a relationship.

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