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Fall: The Perfect Time To Improve Your Relationship

I don’t know about you but I have always felt that September is the start of a new year far more than January. It is likely as a result of spending all those years in school but it also feels like a time of transition – with the closing of summer and the start of Fall, September seems to take on a different pace than the one we have been engaged in over the past few months. Fall always feels like a perfect time to settle back into the routines that often make us feel more grounded. We typically go out less frequently throughout the week and spend more time doing the things that leave us feeling organized and more grounded at home. I am seeing lots of clients coming into my office right now who are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that there will be more structure in their lives as a result of the seasons changing.

I think the start of Fall is a perfect time to do a relationship assessment and check-in to see what has been working well and the areas of growth that need to be focused on moving forward. Many couples feel that while the summer provides ample opportunity to get out and have fun, it doesn’t always foster intimacy in the ways each partner would like. While it is normal to fall out of our regular routine, and sometimes even a good thing for a relationship, reconnecting and refocusing on the things that work is always going to help your relationship be and feel more successful.

I think what is important as the Fall rolls around is to set some time aside to look at some goals each of you individually and as a couple would like to set. Maybe it is about getting back into a regular fitness routine which requires one person to be at home with the kids while the other is working out. Perhaps it is making those regular dates happen again and ensuring that it really is a time just for the two of you (not you and 3 other couples). For me, it is going to be about once again putting my phone away and learning to pick up a board game instead. We also just bought a roof top tent that we are hoping to use as late into the fall as possible. This ensures time away where we get to just relax and spend time together in a really undistracted manner.

There are lots of ways to reconnect and prioritize your relationship as the seasons change. What matters is that you actually make the time to do these things and not just hope for the best. So while you spend time organizing your life around the new schedules for fall, be sure you put some time aside to organize your partnership and find new (or old!) ways to invest in your connection.

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