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When You’re Fighting About The Dishes…And So Much More

You know how in relationships we are often told we need to fight fairly? That, despite out frustrations we need to make sure we are always communicating as well as possible? You also know how in relationships sometimes the small things feel like the biggest thing and when you start to air your grievances, before you know it,Pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen - Compulsive Hoarding Syndro it feels like all of the grievances from your  past get added into the present issue often just to prove your point? Esther Perel, a leading relationship therapist in New York, calls this Kitchen-Sink fighting. She has written a great article about how to actually deal with the issues that add up when you have been with someone for awhile so that you really do fight in a way that moves your relationship forward. I really like what she has to say so I want you to check it out. Remember, fighting isn’t the problem. In fact, couples who never fight can sometimes be the most disconnected. So take Esther’s tips and learn to really fight fairly so you can move past feeling angry and distant and get back to feeling connected and happy.

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