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If You Have One Goal For The Summer Let It Be This

It is that time of year again where the weather warms up, our diet starts to move away from soups and stews and more towards fresh cold crisp items like salads and watermelon and picnic food. It is also the time when many start to worry about and focus on their bodies more and push themselves to limits that aren’t always healthy in order to make this the summer that they feel confident at the beach. It isn’t that eating well and a healthy amount of exercise is a destructive thing necessarily, it’s that often it isn’t approached in a way that supports an individual to be successful.


Like I talked about in my last blog, if you want to be successful and feel good in your body, start by making small and consistent changes. Perhaps it is by creating a meal plan for dinners so that you aren’t eating on the run consistently or picking up food that doesn’t support your goals. Or if you want to get out and exercise more, try starting or ending your day with a walk or short easy jog. With the longer hours it provides more opportunity to get out and be active.


If there was one goal I would encourage you to focus on have it be this: Start with one manageable change. Perhaps it is increasing your exercise, or choosing to listen to your body by feeding it what it is asking for at dinner time. Maybe it is giving yourself permission to start trying some of the great fruit that is coming out again or trying a new recipe once a week. All I am here to say is start slow, be consistent. It isn’t just for the summer that you want to feel your best, but rather for your lifetime.

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