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Is The Golden Age Of Online Dating Over?

The Globe and Mail released an article today all about online dating and how many people are starting to feel about it. The impacts of online dating are undeniable. On one hand, it gives people much greater access to people they would never otherwise meet but on the other, we have started treating people like commodities that we are always looking to trade up or exchange for something else in a moments notice.

In my office I often see the negative impacts of online dating on people. As the article mentions, all the ghosting, cat fishing, false-profiles and no shows really does add up over time and has changed the way we trust and connect in relationships. People are more skeptical and as such, make less efforts. Online dating started with the intention of helping people find love. Nowadays it seems more people are interested in finding someone they can sleep with once without the pressure to call them the next day. The desire to meet someone in person and fall in love the good old fashioned way seems to be increasing, but it seems to be happening at a time when people are feeling more and more uncomfortable about normal face to face interaction.

That being said, I also know people who met online and are now happily married. It gave them a space to meet that wouldn’t have been possible in their regular day to day lives. I also know it provides hope to individuals when a relationship doesn’t work out because it shows them there are many other people out there who may be the one for them.

What do you think about online dating? How are you using it to find the type of relationship you’re looking for? Do you agree with what this article is saying? Click here to read it. 

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