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Could Doing This One Thing Improve Your Relationship?

Often in relationships when we are offered suggestions of ways to improve our relationship we talk about things we should stop doing. You may have read one of my previous blogs about the non-negotiables couples set in a relationship that help individuals set boundaries around behaviors that they feel would be detrimental to the Romantic Couple Lying Together On Bedwellbeing of the relationship. I think there is a lot to be said about also doing the reverse. What healthy and positive relationship behaviours, values, or habits are non-negotiable in your relationship? Are there things that you guys each do that you notice make you feel more connected or open? Are there healthy expectations you have for the relationship, for example like always saying I love you, or acknowledging each other when you leave the house and come home? Do you want to have a cuddle before bed each night, or regular date night/sex night?  I think it is really important to set these types of non-negotiables for a relationship because it creates a focus on what you each do to make the relationship stronger, as well as what you are each responsible for doing in order to preserve the health and happiness of your relationship.


So what are your positive non-negotiables in your relationship? If you don’t know, spend some time in the upcoming week talking about what it is you love that your partner does, or you both do, in your relationship. Get clear on them and continue to make them a priority going forward.

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