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A Message To Women From A Man – Must Read Huffington Post Article

I have been hearing a lot of women in my office talk about this recently. They come into my office because they are struggling and are so quick to use words like “ridiculous, stupid, silly, crazy, weak” when it comes to describing their emotions. It is sad how quick we can be to dismiss our emotions, and put a negative spin on them as though having our emotions, whatever they may be, is a bad thing. I found this article online at the Huffington Post and I truly believe you and everyone who is a part of your life should read it. Take a moment to realize how this plays a role in your life and then take a moment to pick one word that you will eliminate from your vocabulary when it comes to how you label yourself and your emotions. I hope that, if nothing else, this will increase your awareness and slowly begin to shift not only how you let others to treat you, but also how you may treat yourself as a result.



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