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What Is Your Philosophy Of Marriage? An Interesting Exercise To Do If You’re Married

I was sitting with a couple in my office last week and upon talking to them realized that they had very different ideas about what marriage is. They had similar wants but different values and it was leading to conflict in their marriage. I think when you are married it is important to have a shared philosophy about what marriage is and what you expect it to look like and yet when I sit with many people it becomes clear that what each individual expects from the relationship and from themselves can be quite different. These differences may lead to unhealthy conflict and challenges that are difficult to work through or overcome.

It is important that both people in the marriage are their own individuals, but its important that how they view marriage, what they believe it takes to have a good marriage, be similar. So although this blog is short it is important. Take some time today to talk to your partner about your philosophy of marriage and what you believe it takes to stay happily married forever.

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