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The Problem With The Term “Clean Eating”

Before I start this blog I do want to give you all a heads up that this article attached here could be triggering for some people.

A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail posted an article about the problem with the term “Clean Eating” and I genuinely feel it hits the nail on the head. Regardless of what type of disordered eating or eating disorder a person struggles with, I hear these words in my office every single day and the term seems to be so ingrained in how we think about food that it has become normalized and left unquestioned. I could write a lot about this article and my personal feelings on it but I think it’s more important for you to take the time to read it and reflect on the role you think this term plays in your own life and relationship with food. Ask yourself if you want to maintain this relationship or if there are ways you would like to adjust it. Does it add or subtract from your quality of life? Get curious, and then let me know what you discovered in the comment section below or by sending me an email.


Happy Sunday!


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