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How To Protect Your Kids From An Eating Disorder

As I was reflecting on topics that have come up lately in my counselling practice I realized I have been working with a lot of moms who are terrified of passing their eating disorder or disordered eating behaviors down to their kids. Being a parent is a hard enough job as is. Looking out for all the possible hardships that may come their how to help your kids have a healthy relationship to their bodyway keeps many of you up at night. I believe every parent wants what is best for their child, including a healthy relationship to themselves and their body.

As I did some snooping around on the web I found an article written recently by another eating disorder specialist talking about this exact thing. Rather then reinvent the wheel I thought I would attach the article below. All of the points she makes are very valid and for the most part really easy to implement. If you are currently struggling with your own disorder some of these suggestions may be challenging. Consider it a gift you can give both yourself and your child. After all, even if you struggle to believe you are worth making these changes for, undoubtedly you know they are worth it.

Give these 6 points a look over and let me know what you think in the comment section below. Are there any that you didn’t think about that you are going to try to implement?

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