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What Does Recovery Look Like?

Everybody has a different belief around what being recovered from an eating disorder really looks like. In many medical programs being recovered means being medically stable and having a healthy body weight. For some it means eating 3 meals a day and not compensating for that in any way. There many it is still living with your eating disorder in your head but not acting on it. Having walked this path myself I believe being recovered means being free of everything to do with your eating disorder including the struggles with food, self, and the voice. For me it is actually dealing with what comes up for

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you instead of just coping with it. The purpose of this blog, however, is to get you to ask yourself what recovery really means for you. We often look to others for guidance which I believe is really helpful, I know I did when I was going through my own journey, but I also think it is important to see what fits for you and what you really want for yourself. If you don’t know where you are heading it will behard to know what path to follow. I believe everyone deserves to be free of their eating disorder and living a life that, at least in many ways, is easy and stress free. So take some time and ask yourself what you really want. We all know, when living with our eating disorder, that we don’t want to be struggling with the abuse anymore but try to take some time to really envision what you want for your life when all of this is over. Who will you be? What will be different? How will you know you’ve reached where you really want to be? Once this is clear, write it down and put it up somewhere so that you can see it on a regular basis. When we are in the midst of recovery in can be hard to see outside of what we are going through and to remember that life will be easier at some point. Use this vision for yourself as a reminder in those times of why you are doing this work and why it is worth it.


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