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Research Says An Emotionally Intelligent Man Is The Greatest Predictor Of Marital Success

I recently came upon this article written by John Gottman, a leading relationship researcher and expert and found myself quite fascinated by the researcher he points to. Is a man’s emotional intelligence really the greatest predictor of marital success? Is this one of the reasons so many marriages fail? Can emotional intelligence be learnt?Couples Walking On Beach Holding Hands Smiling

While I don’t typically believe in gender stereotypes (they usually do more damage than good) I found this study interesting. As with everything, we need to remember that no one person (nor a single gender) is responsible for the success or demise of a relationship. I do believe, however, that how emotionally aware and engaged one is can make a significant difference in how a couple interacts during times of stress. It is impossible to not be in a relationship and have conflict, but how you deal with that conflict really does impact not only the health of the relationship but also the health of both individuals.

Take a read here and let me know what you think of this article in the comment section below.

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