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Single In The City? 10 Tips for Successful Online Dating

Online Dating has become one of the most common places to go if you are single and looking to meet someone. There are so many different sites available now that there is quite literally something for everyone regardless of your race, religion, age, profession and desires. The biggest challenge I am seeing with online dating nowadays is that because it is so common and so many people are on it, it has become a bit more difficult to meet people. Below are 10 tips to help make online dating more successful:

1) Go On It Regularly: While I know this seems like common sense one of the biggest problems I see with people not being successful with online dating is that they only use it when they feel like it. To make online dating successful you have to invest time into going through your matches, messaging people and then responding. It is just like a gym membership: buying the membership doesn’t make you fit, using the membership does. You have to be active on online dating in order for it to work for you.

2) Fill Out Your Online Profile: People want to get to know a bit about you before they message you. Invest some time in filling out your profile and make sure that it paints an accurate picture of who you are. The more detailed your profile, the more there is for them to love.

3) Upload Pictures: If you don’t have a picture people won’t take you seriously. As much as I wish it weren’t so, the reality is that everyone wants to know if they are attracted to the person they are messaging. Post pictures that you feel confident in as well as photos that show off different parts of your personality.

4) Keep An Open Mind: It is important to realize that not everyone is incredible at writing their profiles, nor is everyone photogenic. If someone messages you, try to keep an open mind even if they don’t seem like the perfect fit right away. We can’t judge what our chemistry will be with someone based solely on their profile.

5) Update Your Profile: I recommend that people update or change their dating profile and/or their profile picture once every 6 months. You are constantly changing and evolving and your profile should change and evolve with you. Adding new things may increase who you connect with which improves your chances of finding the right person.

6) Be Honest About What You Are Looking For: If you are online dating because you want to be in a committed relationship then say that. Also, if it is a committed relationship you are looking for don’t date people who are looking for something casual. You are entitled to have what you want but it isn’t fair to you or your date if you pretend to be okay with something different.

7) Write Engaging Messages: When you find someone you want to message put effort into the message you are writing. The more engaging you are the better your message will be received. Nobody wants to receive a message that simply asks one or two easy questions. Allow your personality to come across in the message along with your interest in getting to know the person you are messaging.

8) Date and Date Often: Not everyone that you message will be the right fit but the more dates you go on more comfortable you will be with the whole process. Let’s face it, it isn’t the easiest thing to meet with someone you have never met to try to see if a relationship could come of it. The more dates you go on the easier it will and as an added bonus you get to fine-tune your first date skills!

9) Date More Than Once: Unless the first date is an absolute fail, go out again. First date nerves can sometimes get in the way of you two connecting the way you would normally. Going out for at least 1 more date will give both of you an understanding as to whether a connection is there.

10) Don’t Give Up: Online dating can be hard and it can take a lot of practice. Keep at it. Even if nothing works out initially, be patient and keep trying.

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