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Smash The Wellness Industry – One Of The Best Articles I Have Read In A Long Time

Every once in awhile you come across an article that just makes you want to scream “Finally!!!!” This past week I was so fortunate to come across such an article. Posted in the New York Times, Jessica Knoll writes about how so many of us are falling for every latest diet crazy, the impact it has on our wellbeing, and why we need to step up and start treating ourselves better. She points out how, so often, we as women, sit around a table talking about our bodies, how we need to change them/why they aren’t acceptable as they are, and how little we can trust ourselves. Meanwhile, for the most part, men sit around having conversations about “ideas, strategies, their plans to take up more space than they already do.”

While I am more than aware that many men struggle with eating disorders (I think one of the latest stats is saying its close to 1 in 4 people affected is male), on average, this seems to be a theme that we as women fall victim to. While I have endless compassion for those struggling, I also feel we need to be more aware of how we engage in self-sabotaging behaviours that make our journey to recovery that much harder. We as women are exceptionally bright, talented, fierce and unique. Why do we chalk up our worth as only skin deep? We are so much more than our bodies and there are so many more supportive conversations that we can have that don’t have anything to do with our bodies, and everything to do with our minds and our hearts.  I really think we owe ourselves a chance to do better by ourselves and each other. Don’t you?

If you’re interested in reading the article, click here. I promise you, it is worth a read.

*** please note there may be a few sentences in the article that could trigger some as she talks about her own history with bulimia and her past destructive relationship with food.

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