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Stop Or Be Stopped

My mom sent me this blog post this week and mentioned it may be a helpful blog topic for my readers. Sometimes when mom sends me ideas they are great articles but don’t really fit my readers, this one, however, I think is bang on.

The article she sent was basically about the effects of long term neglect self neglect, and the importance of a more “radical” dedication to self care. I thought it was really interesting. One of my favourite quotes from the article that really spoke to me was “if I don’t give [my body] what it needs voluntarily then it takes it anyway, eventually. It’s just not pleasant when it has to do that: when my body has to stop me in my tracks because I won’t listen to what it needs until it’s screaming at me.”

I think this is something that so many of us can relate to. Most of us are guilty of ignoring the signs until we are forced to see them. I would recommend reading the article and seeing the ways it applies to you and whether or not you think you could apply this type of self care to your life. It makes a lot of sense, especially when you realize, as she says, that you can either stop or be stopped. Click here to take a read

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