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What Are You Swiping Right To?

Have you heard of Mark Groves? If not, you really should look him up. He is based out of Vancouver and he does an excellent job of raising the bar on the type of relationship we should aim for. In addition, his instagram page has some amazing quotes that can sometimes really get you thinking.

Recently Mark wrote an article titled “What Are You Swiping Right To?” where he highlights one of the major relationship crises facing people today. In a world of abundance we have started settling not because we can’t find Mr or Mrs Right, but as a way of keeping ourself safe (and arguably stuck) in our destructive and disconnected ways. What would it take for you to really show up fully in your current or future relationship? What would it take for you to really show up for yourself and your relationship wants or needs? Take a read by clicking the link below and then let me know what you think in the comment section.

Click Here To Read The Article


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