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Thanksgiving Gratitude

I am sitting here in the dark, my niece tucked in beside me in bed, writing this blog when I realistically should be sleeping and am soaking up just how full my heart feels. For starters, there are few people I love more than my niece and nephew, so being able to watch them sleep and just have them close is my happy place. Also, I am realizing just how blessed and grateful I am to have the relationships that I do in my life.

As we Canadians are waking up this Thanksgiving morning, it is common for the focus to be on the traditions we have, and the food that we will eat. While this is important, it can also be really easy to get lost in the festivities of the day instead of what the day ought to really be about – connecting and being grateful for our true connections. I know in the past it was always the traditions that I prioritized (which are important), over the experience of sharing those traditions with those I love.

So this morning, as you wake up and your day starts, instead of focusing on your to-do list, or busily preparing for the days events, start by giving actual thanks to those you love. Take a moment to pause and think about what these main relationships mean to you and then share it. Connect in that moment of sharing and give thanks to all the good that has come to your life, whether big or small, because of that person.It is easy to focus on what isn’t always working, or the ways in which we don’t feel connected, but for today (and ideally everyday), I would encourage you to dig deep and really recognize and celebrate all that good that does exist in your life.

We all could stand to be a little more grateful and a little more open in sharing just how significant the people who matter are to our lives.

In walking my talk, please know that I am so grateful for how you make space for me in your lives each Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving friend!

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