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It’s Time We Talk About The Birds And The Bees…Or As I Like To Call It Sex

I always find it really interesting when I work with individuals and couples to see how they react when I bring up sex. Some are really comfortable with the conversation, others aren’t so much and truthfully I can understand both. Sex can seem like a very intimate conversation to have with your counsellor and it is okay if they don’t want to talk to me about it but it is important to talk to their partner about.

Let’s be honest intimacy is the main thing that separates out a relationship from a friendship and it is an important part of being together. When I speak of intimacy I don’t necessarily mean sex but rather any kind of physical interaction (kissing, cuddling, fooling around, sex etc).

Bianca Rucker is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist in Vancouver, BC who specializes in sex therapy.  She wrote an article recently discussing the importance of talking about sex and making time for sex in your relationship. I think she hits on some really valuable points. If you find you and your partner haven’t been connecting as well as you would like to then click here to see what she recommends to get your love life back on track!




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