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A Few Tips On How To Successfully Tackle The Division Of Labor

This post may be coming a little late seeing as it is only a few days away until Christmas and the holidays are whizzing by fast. But the reality is that the article that I am going to link you to below is something that I believe applies all year round.

Multi-Tasking as a coupleThe Couples Institute recently released an article about how the division of labor (Click Here To Read It). This is something that many couples struggle with and it can cause some pretty nasty fights, or worse, leave couples feeling resentful and disconnected. We all tend to feel like we are pulling our weight and want our partners to do the same. The challenge isn’t necessarily that they aren’t, it just might not be in a way that you recognize or a way that you feel is important. Building a system whereby you discuss who does what and what that looks like can leave you both feeling on the same page and help get those chores out of the way so you can spend some time together doing things you actually enjoy.

I won’t be chatting with you again until the new year (unless you are subscribed to my disordered eating blog!) so just wanted to wish you the happiest of holidays, the merriest of Christmases and a beautiful start to the new year. Thanks for letting me join you every other Sunday so we can both invest in making our relationships as fulfilling as possible.

See you in 2015, keep safe and happy loving!


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