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What To Do Once Valentines Is Over

Happy day after Valentine’s Day! I hope if you are in a relationship that you spent time connecting with your loved one in some shape or form. Valentine’s Day is a tricky one for me. Truthfully I’m not a huge Hallmark holiday kind of girl but I also believe it is a day where relationship advicewe can put some much needed focus on connecting and sharing some kind of moment with each other.

I was reading the globe and Mail the other day and it had an article about what couples most frequently argue about. Can you guess what it was? Quality time. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it. With life being as busy as it is, technology being too accessible and the idea of balance sadly being a thing of the past, it’s no wonder couples don’t feel connected.

So here is what I would recommend: sit down and talk about 2 ways you would like to connect more and then put it in your calendar. Instead of spending time fighting about it, just do it. If you are feeling disconnected then show up for your relationship and tell your partner that you want to spend more time together and what exactly that looks like for you. If you really commit to showing up (because let’s be honest we all get disconnected at times) then by this time next year you will both feel not only a greater connection but also a greater commitment to that connection.

Happy Loving

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