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The Globe and Mail released an article today all about online dating and how many people are starting to feel about it. The impacts of online dating are undeniable. On one hand, it gives people much greater access to people they would never otherwise meet but on the other, we have started treating people like… Read more

Often when couples come into my office, they are aware of some of the same fights that they find themselves in. They feel stuck and like they aren’t making any progress. When I ask them what they have done, they can often make a list of all the different things they have tried and/or the… Read more

How has your year been starting off? Did you make some New Years resolutions or commitments for your relationship with your partner or yourself this year? If so, how have they been going? If not, would it be helpful for you to spend some time reflecting on what you want your relationships to look like… Read more

I can’t quite believe 2018 is nearly over and a new year is about to begin. I love this time between Christmas and New Years because it is usually slower and gives more time for reflection and relaxation. The holidays are wonderfully (and often chaotically) busy,  so having a few days to regroup before getting… Read more

I actually can’t quite believe that Christmas is just over a week away and that we are fully in the swing of the holidays. I really love the holidays but sometimes it feels easy to get lost in the busyness of it and lose sight of what actually makes the holidays feel special: connection. Often… Read more

It is officially December. I absolutely LOVE this month, and all the coziness it brings. The hot drinks, the cozy nights in, the sparkly lights, it is just all my favourite. The only hard part is we often have the best of intentions to spend the month connecting and taking care of ourselves, but end… Read more

Relationships are hard. Two different people trying to share a life together is bound to lead to conflict at some point. In fact, the research actually shows that conflict can be (when done correctly) one of the healthiest things for a relationship because it allows both people to understand one another better and can correct… Read more

This has got to be one of the hottest topics out there. What do we do when conflict arises in our relationship? How do we deal with all the painful feelings and why does it feel like even with our best efforts, feelings get hurt or things unfold negatively? Conflict really is an essential part… Read more

In hard times, one of my favorite writers, Glennon Doyle, frequently reminds those who follow her that we can do hard things. I love this quote because it has served as a reminder in my own challenging moments that not only are we capable of doing hard things but also that we must. In relationships… Read more

I read an article this week about the effects of affairs on relationships where there are kids involved. It was an article on Parents.com which is why the article focused on affairs and kids but the points made seem pretty true even for those who don’t have kids. You can click here to read it… Read more