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In one of my relationship sessions last week a client asked me how she was to know if her boyfriend was the right one for her. She was worried, as the relationship was getting more serious, that maybe he wouldn’t be the kind of partner she wanted for the rest of her life. He was… Read More

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to be in a relationship that looks like the real life version of The Notebook? I think we all want to find someone that we can still love and be loved by well into our gray haired days. So what is the secret to long lasting relationships? Investing 100%… Read More

Often in relationships when we are offered suggestions of ways to improve our relationship we talk about things we should stop doing. You may have read one of my previous blogs about the non-negotiables couples set in a relationship that help individuals set boundaries around behaviors that they feel would be detrimental to the wellbeing… Read More

I always find this time of year really interesting because of how quickly the focus shifts from holiday celebrations to what we are going to change about ourselves in the upcoming year. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about self improvement but sometimes it seems we can push a little too hard on January… Read More

Just writing a quick post to wish you all a beautiful Christmas Eve/holiday season. This time of year is one of my favourites because it is a time when I am blessed enough to spend a few days with those I love most, doing the simple things like sharing a meal and playing with my… Read More

If you have ever been betrayed read this   I was scrolling the internet this week for articles on betrayal because it seems to be popping up in my office quite a bit lately. Interestingly, the holidays, while bringing lots of warmth and joy, can also bring up memories of the injuries that have happened… Read More

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Not in relation to the statement we so frequently throw around “I would be happy if” but in the actual, sit down and reflect kind of way? What is it that actually makes you happy? Lots of things temporarily add joy to our lives: new clothes, a new… Read More

Sometimes in relationships people do things that are extremely hurtful and can cause us a lot of pain. Feelings get hurt and trying to reconcile how someone you love can also be the perpetrator of your pain is extremely difficult. Human being are flawed and we all make mistakes, some greater than others. Where I… Read More

When we talk about children and their development, we often discuss the importance of reinforcing good behavior. We want to celebrate what kids have done well vs spending all our time focusing on what hasn’t. Why do we do this? Not just because it is good to celebrate kids successes, but also because we often… Read More

Have you heard of Mark Groves? If not, you really should look him up. He is based out of Vancouver and he does an excellent job of raising the bar on the type of relationship we should aim for. In addition, his instagram page has some amazing quotes that can sometimes really get you thinking. Recently… Read More