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One of the people I love to follow on social media is Vienna Pharoan of MindfulMFT. She is a couple’s therapist in New York and a lot of what she has to say really resonates with how I practice and what I believe when it comes to working with couples. She recently wrote a blog… Read More

It is human nature to hurt people at times. Overwhelming feelings, stress, work, life etc. can all cause us to engage in ways that we aren’t always proud of or even aware of at certain times. In relationships, damage occurs not just when we hurt someone but also when we don’t adequately try to repair… Read More

I often have couples come into my office telling me about the communication fails they feel they have in their relationship. They feel they don't fight fairly, or they feel misunderstood or not heard. Sometimes in relationships it's the silence that feels most threatening to a relationship because the effort of even trying to talk… Read More

I read an interview today with Esther Perel. If you don't know her, you should definitely watch her Ted Talk on Youtube, it's great. This article though was amazing. I felt like I read it and it screamed so many truths I felt I had to share. How often do we get our partners desire… Read More

Stephen Covey first wrote about this in his 7 Habits of Highly Affective People. He believes communication is the most critical skill we need in order to be successful and in many ways I agree. How often are we listening only to craft our own response? How often, in your relationships, have you reacted before… Read More

Have you ever wondered what makes some relationships successful and others less so? Or why some couples seem to have that “it” factor that makes them seem happy and connected even during times of stress while others have a hard time seeming connected even during the good times? I have to be honest, I spent… Read More

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in your relationship that is emotionally loaded but that you and your partner both have completely different experiences of? Often in my couples therapy work, the real issues lie somewhere in the middle of what each individual is saying. The reason for this is because we project… Read More

It is a true and sad reality that the majority of the couples I see in my office are couples who are experiencing significant relationship distress. Often they come in because they have reached a point where they aren’t sure how to carry forward if there aren’t significant changes. I admire that they come in… Read More

I need to take a step away from my usual blog this week to let you all know that Looking Glass Summer Camp registration is open! This really is the highlight of my year, not just my professional year but my year as a whole. Each year I meet 24 amazing young women (between the… Read More

When couples come into my room, depending on the issue that is being brought forward, I will often ask them what their love story is. How did they meet? How did they know that they wanted a second, third, fortieth date? What was it about their partner that made them choose him or her? When… Read More