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15 Date Ideas To Help Get You Out Of Your Rut

Happy Spring! I don’t know about you but I am finding the longer days, cherry blossoms and sunny afternoons uplifting and exciting. It feels like the world is coming alive again after winter!


This blog is for longtime couples and daters alike who are looking for some new ways to connect with their partner. I often recommend in my office to couples that they take the time to still date their partner. After being together for a long time it is easy to let that slip and yet it’s one of the best ways to keep connection alive (after all, we all feel great when our partner takes us out and we get to spend time doing the things we love). If you are in the dating world, coming up with ideas for dates outside of dinner and drinks can sometimes be tricky. As a result I thought I would put together a few ideas to help make this easier for you. Being from Vancouver some may be tailored to this city but I am certain you could find similar things wherever you live.


  1. Like Music? Look up some of your favorite neighbourhoods and see which bands are playing. Even if you don’t know them (or like them for that matter) getting out to see the local talent is a great way to switch it up and try something new.
  2. Go To Your Local Amusement Park. Now when I say amusement it doesn’t have to be the rollercoaster kind (but it definitely can be if that’s your thing). Other versions are the aquarium, or even science world for the science geek in us all.first date ideas, relationship help, how to get out of your relationship rut
  3. Check Out A Museum: Vancouver art gallery always has different exhibits on. Or, if you live in places like Seattle, you can check out the Experience Music Project (EMP) which is a museum dedicated to music and pop-culture.
  4. Farmers Markets: Vancouver has so many awesome farmers markets in the spring and summer. Go check one out. If you have some time buy all the necessary ingredients for a picnic in the park.
  5. Rent Bikes And Ride Around Stanley Park. For those of you who don’t live in Vancouver we are blessed to have this beautiful big park right in downtown Vancouver that is surrounded by water and old growth trees.
  6. Upgrade Your Ice Cream:  Going for ice cream is a great way to spend a lovely afternoon for daters and long term couples alike. Gelato is the new ice cream so find a cool little gelato place and pick up your favorite flavor. If you live in Vancouver you must go to Bella Gelateria, it won best gelato in the world in 2012 – beating out it’s Italian competitors.
  7. Explore Your Local Mountains: If you are interested in fitness hit your local trails for a hike and to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. If you aren’t check out places like Grouse mountain. They have a bunch of activities you can check out from ziplining to their Theatre in the Sky.
  8. Cook a Meal Together:  More often than not with our busy schedules we don’t often cook together and yet cooking can be a really romantic way to connect. Plan to make a meal that takes some time so you can enjoy each other’s company for longer.
  9. Check Out A Drive-In Movie Theatre: a few years ago a group of us went out to Langley for the night to catch a movie at their drive in theatre. What a fun way to upgrade the traditional “dinner and a movie” date.
  10.   Catch The View Of The City From The Rotating Restaurant: I’m a sucker for anything sparkly and twinkly so I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Go grab a drink or dessert at Top of Vancouver. The lights at night time are simply beautiful.
  11.   Catch A Comedy Show: This can actually be a perfect first date or a perfect way to switch things up. Get in some laughs at a local comedy club. Lots of laughter is bound to make us enjoy our evening, and the company, even more.
  12. Check Out Groupon: Groupon offers tons of great deals on things to do in your city at great prices. Check out what they have to offer. Maybe you start with an activity, try a new restaurant and end the night with dessert. A great date at a fraction of the price – sounds like a win to me.
  13. Go Dancing: Ok so maybe this isn’t the best for a first date but dancing can be a lot of fun. Perhaps you hit up the club you used to go to when you first got together. Or maybe you try taking dance classes together (think Salsa, Ballroom etc).
  14. Rent Kayaks: There are few things that beat a beautiful day on the water. Head out to Deep Cove and rent some kayaks for an afternoon. When you’re done exploring the area by water, come back and enjoy a nice meal overlooking the cove.
  15. Have A Movie Marathon: Movie nights are much more enjoyable when they are planned. Each of you come prepared with your favorite movie and your favorite snack and hunker down for some cuddle time on the couch.  Staying in and relaxing together is sometimes the best form of connection.
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