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Are You Practicing What You Know?

I just got home from the Academy for Eating Disorders conference in New York and my head is swirling with information. As I do more research on what I learnt about there, if I find any of it will be helpful to your recovery I will be sure to share it in the upcoming weeks. Interestingly, however, it was a newsletter by Meghan Telpner (a nutritionist) this week that really got to the core of what I think we ought to all do more of.

Meghan’s newsletter spoke about Practicing what you know. There are a lot of simple principles to life that we know to be true but don’t always act upon in our daily lives. For example: we know that getting a good nights sleep helps us perform better in life. We know that eating nutritious food is better for our mind and body than eating processed foods. We know diets don’t actually work and that developing a positive relationship to yourself and food is what allows us to achieve balanced health. We know kindness always outweighs cruelty or neglect (and not just with others but with ourselves as well). We know that we can’t recover from disordered eating without committing to having a better, kinder, more compassionate relationship to ourselves.

When we practice what we know it makes our life better. We start living in a way we can be proud of and overcome the obstacles that can get in our way. I know somethings are easier said than done but I also believe that taking action, however big or small, allows us to feel successful and can move us towards our desired outcome instead of leaving us stuck.

There are many things we believe to be true and that we value. What are these things in your world? Make a list and reflect on it. In what areas do you want to practice more of what you know? Is your life filled with the things that you believe are most important? If yes, that’s wonderful, how does it feel? If no, why not? How does it feel to be living a life that doesn’t reflect what you value most and what you know to be true.

Finally, which simple steps can you take to move yourself forward in the direction you know you need to go?

Leave your ideas or thoughts in the comment section below. You never know who you may help along the way!





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