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6 Things Successful Therapy Clients Do

I found an article recently on 6 things successful therapy clients do. I think the author made some valuable points. Going to therapy can be a really challenging thing to do but it’s made more challenging if a client gives away their power and stops engaging in their own work. If you are in therapy and looking to make some steps forward I would encourage you to take a look at this article. The author speaks of this in terms of clients struggling with anxiety but I think it pertains to lots of different things.

The only piece I would change or elaborate on is the first point.

I do believe clients need to trust their therapist but I don’t believe any new client should give away their trust blindly. Make sure you have found a therapist who you feel you have a strong connection with. You are about to share your story and your story is sacred and important. You want to make sure that you feel your therapist is going to hold and care for your story with love, compassion and precision. So while it is critical that you trust your therapist be sure to listen to your gut and pay attention to how safe he or she makes you feel.

While there are ways that this article is worded that I find at times a little cold, I think it makes some valid points.

Are there other pieces you have found that you feel are critical to therapy being successful? Share them in the comment section, I’d love to hear about them.

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