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Something We All Need To Be Reminded Of

Sometimes I feel like as I sit down to write these posts I have new information to share that I hope will be helpful or supportive. Other times I feel the need to repeat information that I’ve already said. Usually in these moments I worry that the material will be redundant and then I remember that part of healing is about hearing the same things over and over again until they become our own.

Today’s post about self care is likely the thing I repeat the most in my eating disorder recovery tipspractice and when people ask my about my philosophy of change. The truth is I don’t know how someone fully recovers without a focus on self care. In order for the grip of an eating disorder to loosen we need to emotionally invest in wanting (and believing we deserve) more for ourselves.

So my hope in this post is not that you find it redundant but that you use it as a reminder to really check in with yourself. There will be a lot of noise that will tell you if you just push a little harder or judge yourself a little more the way your eating disorder wants you to, you’ll get to the other side. I’ve tried that myself, every single one of my clients has tried that and I have yet to see it work out. Instead use this post to soften. To be gentle and kind and patient with yourself. Treat yourself with compassion and show up for yourself in ways that calm your heart and settle your mind. Just one step towards self love. That’s all it takes to to move you closer to recovery and further away from the pain of your disorder.

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