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How This App Could Help You Recover From Your Eating Disorder

I have been on a bit of a technology bent these days which is kind of funny given I am the least technologically inclined person you will ever meet. I have come to realize, however, that in our day to day life we likely turn to technology for answers more than we turn to anything else, which has left me curious about how we can use technology to support us.

In following up with last weeks topic about relationship apps (you can find that blog here), I have found an app that I believe can be helpful in your day to day life when going through any struggle but I see it as being particularly beneficial if you are struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder.

The app is called Tell Me Later and how it works is you program messages into your phone and then set a date for when you would like to be reminded. When that date comes along your message pops up on your phone and you are sent an email reminder as well. While this can be used for any basic reminder, my biggest recommendation for how to eating disorder recovery tipsuse this app is to put in supportive, inspirational, loving messages focused on your recovery and/or well being.

So why is this so great? Do you ever leave a therapy session, a visit with a friend, a group meeting etc. and wish you could take how you feel (or what you are thinking) in those moments and remember them in times to come? Ever read something that really resonates with you and leaves you feeling more balanced, courageous, driven, focused or grounded and want to use that advise in moments of need? Ever find tips on living your ideal life that are perfectly suited to you and your needs but can’t recall them later on?

This is the information you can plug into Tell Me Later so that you can carry the messages with you into the future. When a message pops up it can serve as a reminder to keep going. Perhaps it will remind you to feel your emotions instead of eating them. Maybe it will notify you of a self care activity you can do that day. Whatever it is, we all need reminders of things we can do that will help us live the life we really want to live. Whatever you are going through in your life you can find messages that will encourage you to keep on going. When you find them plug them into Tell Me Later and see how you feel getting those unexpected reminders that this fight is worth fighting.

Let me know some of the messages you find help you in your moment of need by writing them in the comment section. Who knows, maybe those messages will help others and together we will be able to create a community of support that helps us all be healthier happier individuals one notification at a time.

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