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Avoid This New Years Resolution Mistake

It is that time of year again. The time when we vow to do things differently because a new year has begun and somewhere within us we have convinced ourselves that January first is the best day of the year to start fresh. I think goals are incredibly important, they can help move us from point A to point B and help us transform our lives. I do wish people wouldn’t rely on January first as strongly as they do to start living how they really want to live but if it does help you, then I say go for it. Here is what I recommend if you have some things in 2013 that you would like to work on:

Pick one thing and make it achievable. Too often we set goals that are really big, and that overwhelm us early on as a result. For example, we set the goal that we want to lose 50 pounds and when we don’t reach 50 within the first short while, we get discouraged and give up. So start with 5 or 10. Once you achieve those, set your sights on the next 10. This way you feel a sense of accomplishment and it keeps you motivated to keep going.

So list your goals and prioritize them based on what is most important to you. Once you New Years Resolutions, setting goals, changing your lifehave the goal you want to work on break it down into tiny pieces and then start. After you reach the first step keep going. Doing it this way will ensure your success, and what better feeling than starting…and ending… 2013 feeling successful!

Happy New Year!

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