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I found an article recently on 6 things successful therapy clients do. I think the author made some valuable points. Going to therapy can be a really challenging thing to do but it’s made more challenging if a client gives away their power and stops engaging in their own work. If you are in therapy… Read more

Hi Everyone, so my Sumertime blog post was supposed to be released next week because I am away on holidays this upcoming week and won’t be posting. So for everyone who gets my newsletter, please know there will only be a new newsletter every two weeks for each topic but in my attempt to schedule… Read more

Emotional Eating is a painful pattern of using food to soothe difficult emotions. What happens is somewhere along the line a person wasn’t able to have his or her emotional needs met properly and so she/he turned to food as a source of comfort. Because in the moment it made her/him feel better (food has… Read more