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She Was Done…And You Should Be Too

Sometimes, having written a blog every week for over 5 years, I find myself not always knowing what to write about. Is there anything in particular you are wondering about that you would like me to speak to? If so, please do let me know because I am happy to help in any way I can. Other times I find it helpful to post something, eating disorder related or not, because I think it can speak to us as human beings or give us insight into a healthier, more compassionate or more empowered way to treat ourselves. This week I found such an article. It is long, but it is beautiful and I believe that if you are out there struggling and needing a reminder of hope that you can live a free and authentic life please do read this. I felt many things spoke to me and I am certain you will find at least one gem as well.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

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