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Why Eating According To The Seasons Is So Important For Your Health

I must admit that as I am writing this it is pouring rain outside and it is making me feel kind of excited. I am an autumn girl through and through…the scarves, the boots, the warming spices and cozy fall recipes! It’s like my version of heaven. The rain also reminded me of a blog post I wrote around this time last year on seasonal eating. Seasonal eating is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and also a great way to practice the art of listening to your body. As the seasons change so do our cravings and taking the time to listen to what our body is asking for means our body will not only respond better but also help prevent all those pesky colds and flus that are so prevalent at this time of the year. So, do yourself a favor and click this link to see how you can move yourself forward by eating according to the seasons!

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