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Can You Forgive Someone For Having An Affair?

I am hoping, more than not, that this post is one that doesn’t apply to you and that it ideally never will. Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of people who do experience this, sometimes only once, sometimes more often than that. Affairs are devastating to a relationship. They cause people to doubt themselves, doubt others and experience pain in ways they didn’t think possible.

I often get asked if you can really heal after an affair and if it’s possible to make the relationship work. I don’t often post other people’s articles to my blog but I came across this the other day and while I believe the way he writes sometimes makes his “advice” sound simple, in general I agree with what he says. The big thing I want to emphasize is that working through an affair takes a lot of work and can be really difficult. The piece in the article about forgiveness is something that can take time and if so, be patient with yourself and allow yourself to heal.

Click here to read the article and to get some relationship help on how to determine if you can make your relationship work after an affair.


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