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Free Online Relationship Training! Let’s Do It Together

One of my most favourite relationship Therapists, Vienna Pharoan, has just offered a free relationship training that will teach you, over 7 days, how to improve your communication, build better boundaries and deepen intimacy. She recently got married to her husband who is actually a local Vancouverite, and in celebration of their bond they have developed a free relationship course. I think we can all use a reminder, a booster or some new tools to help improve how we connect with others in our lives. While this is all about relationships, she has made it clear that this course is for anyone, regardless of their relationship status. In my opinion, this is an awesome opportunity to learn from one of the best, so I hope you’ll join me by signing up. Here is the link to the free training sign-up. I look forward to sharing some of my favourite take aways from the training. Happy Easter!!


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