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Sunday Night Gratitude

I am not sure about what Sunday represents for you, but Sunday for me has always been a time that has represented slowing down, and recognizing what we are grateful for. This is hard when we are in the middle of our struggle, when our pain seems so much more present than any of the things that may bring joy or gratitude. My hope for you is that you give yourself permission tonight to rest and to reflect on the many ways you continue to try, the places you choose strength, love, kindness or resilience when all you really want to do is break. These are the moments we want to reflect on with gratitude. Gratitude for the space we hold for our hearts, and the commitment we make to keep going. Sometimes the greatest steps we take are the ones where we choose to stay still – not moving forward, nor moving backwards. For the all the nights you have done this and all the nights still to come, know that I am here celebrating you. Have a cozy Sunday evening, and know my heart is with yours.

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