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Some Stories To Remind You That You Aren’t Alone

When we are in the depths of our disorder one of the most critical motivators to keep moving forward is hope and knowing we aren’t alone. While I am absolutely of the mindset that people can recover fully, I am aware how hard it is to feel clear on that when we feel consumed by fear, overwhelm and darkness. Sometimes knowing that it really does get better or that other people have walked a journey similar to your own and have made it to the other side, can inspire us to start taking the steps towards healing and freedom.

People often think that once you decide to recover things get easier from there. My experience, both personally and professionally, is that typically once we start the recovery process things get harder before they get better. Eating disorders work, they are awful, cruel and destructive, but they work. They allow you to numb yourself from the parts in your life that make you feel anything – good and bad. When we start focusing on recovery we have to start facing and feeling the things we have long been avoiding; we have to start making decisions and treating ourselves in ways that feel overwhelming and foreign. What can be inspiring is to hear of other people who have walked the trenches and come out on the other side.

I have yet to meet a single person who regrets recovery and who, in all honesty, isn’t really grateful for the process because of how much stronger, self aware and authentic they feel having explored the depths of themselves in their darkest hours. Here’s an article about others who have been there, what worked for them and to instill some hope that you aren’t alone and can get through this. Click Here To Read It 

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