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An Opportunity For Free Support

Every once in awhile an opportunity comes up for individuals who struggle with an eating disorder, disordered eating or low body confidence that I think is worth sharing.

The Looking Glass Foundation is an organization that focuses on eating disorder prevention and eating disorder treatment. Recently they have launched a new program called Hand In Hand which aim to decrease social isolation and increase support for individuals who suffer and their loved ones. Participants are paired up with a volunteer who is trained to support someone with an eating disorder and who aims to act as a peer who can provide comfort and support wherever you are in your journey.

I must admit I am slightly biased on this program because I am the one leading it and doing the volunteer training but even with that being said this program offers an opportunity for those struggling and their loved ones to connect with someone who understands and who can help.

So what’s my recommendation? Go check out the program here

I truly believe it could be a game changer in how we help people who are struggling. If you are looking for added support that is accessible please reach out to the Looking Glass Foundation and see how you can get started right away.


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